Deanne Butterworth is a Melbourne based dancer and choreographer and a graduate of the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts. In a career spanning over twenty years her work in dance as a performer, choreographer and teacher has taken her throughout Australia, Europe, North America and Asia. She has always had a fascination with the simplicity of the moving body in space and how we choose to watch a performance. Deanne has had a long term performance relationship with Shelley Lasica having been involved in many of her works since 1996 as well as collaborating with her on Duelle (2009) and How Choreography Works (2015). Amongst others she has worked with Phillip Adams Balletlab, Danceworks Company, Jo Lloyd, Sandra Parker, Maria Hassabi, Adva Zakai, Lee Serle, Tim Darbyshire, Brooke Stamp, Shian Law and many more. Deanne has enjoyed residencies at Dancehouse (Housemate 2010), Bundanon Trust and PAF, (France) and in 2011 undertook a period of study visiting Performa11 (NYC) as a part of her Solo Performance Residency  at Victoria University. Deanne has been involved as a performer and participant in the work of prominent visual artists: David Rozetsky, Belle Bassin, Fiona MacDonald, Alicia Frankovich, Helen Grogan and Bianca Hester. She has been nominated for Green Room and Australian Dance Awards and her work has been presented in and/or supported by Dance Massive Melbourne, Lucy Guerin Inc., National Gallery of Victoria for Melbourne Now, Dancehouse, Australia Council, Arts Victoria, Critical Path, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Melbourne Fringe, Musicircus at Melbourne International Arts Festival, Dimanche Rouge (Paris/Melbourne), and Next Wave Festival. Since 2006 she has been concentrating on creating a body of mostly solo work. Since 2009 she has collaborated with sound artist Michael Munson to create a number of new works in both traditional and non traditional spaces. Later in 2016 she undertakes a six month residency at Boyd Studios, Southbank supported by the City of Melbourne.


1993, Graduate of Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts

1998, Nominated for Green Room Award for Emerging Dance

2009, Nominated for Green Room Award for Female Dancer



Development of new solo work, ‘Easy Action’

‘Easy Action’ as a work-in-progress performance for launch of Indigo Dance Magazine at Kings ARI


‘Test Sites’ funded by City of Melbourne for initially testing of site specific performance work in Melbourne CBD

Participated in cross disciplinary Notation workshop at RMIT Design Hub organised by Hannah Mathews

Participated in Choreographic Lab led by Xavier le Roy and Scarlet Yu at Dancehouse and MPavilion


Siteless Now’ for Melbourne Now in the 19th Century European Painting Room with live musician Evelyn Morris

Formal invitation to be an informal participant during the Specific In Between at ACCA in a program curated by Helen Grogan as a part of the Framed Movements exhibition curated by Hannah Mathews

Workshop leader over a 6 week period at Back to Back Theatre for Theatre of Speed, Geelong


Workshop participant learning ‘Trio A’ (Yvonne Rainer, 1966) led by Sara Wookey, at Margaret Lawrence Gallery, VCA

‘Doublage’ for ‘Action/Response’ for Dance Massive 2013, curated by Hannah Matthews

Teaching Phillip Adams Balletlab Masterclass with Brooke Stamp at Chunky Move


Participant in DD Dorvillier HOTBED workshop at Lucy Guerin Inc.

‘Twinships at Westspace’: Re-presentation and installation of solo performance over a 4 week period

‘Mindset’: For Dimanche Rouge Melbourne hosted by Tape Projects. Sound & video by Michael Munson, Performance by Shian Law, Choreography by Deanne Butterworth


Dual Repérage in Threes’: Dance Massive, Melbourne

Dual Repérage’ at SEAM2011, Sydney

Victoria University overseas immersion to Performa04, NYC


Solo Performance Residency at Victoria University


‘Siteless’: An Aerial View of a Plant in Four Parts:  Pieces for Small Spaces at Lucy Guerin Inc.

‘Twinships’:  45 min solo work at Dancehouse, Melbourne

‘oneandthesame’:  work for video

Dancehouse Housemate Residency:  six months

Outside Eye for Melbourne Fringe Festival mentor program

Writing: Contributor to Swedish Dance History, (second issue), August 2010; for the everybody's publication, Everybody's Performance Scores, (March 2010), edited by Mette Ingvartsen & Alice Chauchat


‘Dual Reperage’: for the 'With The Lot' event at Lucy Guerin Inc.

Residency at Bundanon, NSW

Attended Summer University at Performing Arts Forum, France

Outside Eye for Melbourne Fringe Festival mentor program

‘Time, Transcendence, Performance’ conference. Workshop participant with Martin Del Amo; Writing: for Melbourne Paper initiated in Australia by Atlanta Eke, published to coincide with the 2009 Melbourne International Arts Festival

2008 Showing of developing work at First Run, at Lucy Guerin Inc.


Independent overseas study tour to France and Berlin


Space Grant, awarded by Dancehouse to develop a new work about dance with a non-dancer  working title of, ‘I Met the Young Professionals’

Independent overseas study tours to observe performances


Research trip to Berlin, Leipzig, France, Switzerland to attend classes and workshops (July-August)


‘In Miniature’, presented at Dancehouse, Melbourne


Project Workspace 2. Research and development period supported by the Australia Council

Close 2: presented at Dancehouse, Melbourne


‘Close’: Research and development leading to the live presentations of a solo dance work. Supported by Arts Victoria


International Workshop Festival,  with Dominique Dupuy, London,


‘Remembrance’:  Some Bodies Festival, Melbourne & Tasmanian Dance Festival

‘Fields of Form’:  for the Melbourne Fringe Festival


‘In Between’: for the 1998 Next Wave Festival, at the Motorworks Gallery, South Yarra

‘Lies Down the Body II’,  the Women’s GalIery


‘Watermarkerd I’, presented at the Women’s Gallery, Fitzroy


‘Lies Down the Body’,  the Women’s Gallery, Fitzroy

‘Catch Me’:  Theatre Royal, Hobart with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra



‘Choreography and the Gallery for Art After Hours’, Art Gallery Of New South Wales for Biennale of Sydney, with Shelley Lasica and Jo Lloyd, curated by Erin Brannigan


‘How Choreography Works’ with Jo Lloyd and Shelley Lasica at West Space, Melbourne


‘If this exhibition were a text’ curated by Ash Kilmartin. Performer in Adva Zakai’s solo work Regarding Yesterday at Slopes Fitzroy as a part of the exhibition


‘PERFORMANCE’, with Linda Tegg. A site specific work at  the ‘Fuel Food Stop’ convenience store, 318 Wellington Street, Collingwood, Melbourne. Involving a group of performers, writers, and an audience


‘Project Blah Blah’: with Jo Lloyd. Further developed and performed at Hong Kong Fringe Theatre, supported by Hong Kong Dance Alliance, Dancehouse, & STRUT

‘Duelle’: with Shelley Lasica. Presented at CIA Studios, Perth


‘Duelle’: with Shelley Lasica. Presented at Centre for Contemporary Photography, Fitzroy

‘Project Blah Blah’, with Jo Lloyd. Stage one development supported by Arts Victoria


‘Coming at You’: collaborative improvisational work with Jo Lloyd


‘Pause + Diversion’:  Created and performed with Tim Harvey. Presented at Dance New Amsterdam, (DNA, New York City) for the works-in-progress forum & shown again in Melbourne at the Meat Market


‘Picnic 2’: collaborative work with Jo Lloyd for 'Generation' at Dance Works Studio, Melbourne


‘Picnic 1’:  collaborative work with Jo Lloyd at Lab X Gallery, St. Kilda



Development and Performance of work by Belle Bassin shown at Heide MOMA, ‘I Can Eat Glass’. A social sculpture in the Heide Garden.

Third Stage development for ‘Tainted Title’ a new work by Tim Darbyshire


Continued development of ‘Tainted Title’, by Tim Darbyshire

Development of new work by Lee Serle, ‘Activate’

‘Solos for Other People’ , by Shelley Lasica. Premiere for Dance Massive 15 at Carlton Baths basketball court

‘Solos for Other People’, by Shelley Lasica at RMIT Design Hub, by Shelley Lasica


Performer in ‘Intermission’ by Maria Hassabi at ACCA for Framed Movements Exhibition (4 week season)

Performer in new work by Brooke Stamp and Abel Korinsky for Experimenta at RMIT Design Hub

Performer in ‘Entitled Title’ by Tim Darbyshire for the Inaugural Keir Choreographic Award

Participant in work by Alicia Frankovich ‘Defending Plural Experiences’ for Framed Movements show at ACCA involving Motion Capture filming

Participant in Shelley Lasica’s ANAT research project ‘Sight and Perception in Dance’


Premiere of ‘And All Things Return to Nature Tomorrow’, MTC Southbank Theatre, Melbourne


‘Vianne Again’: ABC Southbank Iwaki Auditorium

Three stage development for All Things Return to Nature Tomorrow. World Premiere March 2013


Collect’: Bagging Room, by Shelley Lasica at Malthouse Theatre, Southbank

‘The Recording’, by Sandra Parker, a new work in development


Bianca Hester: ‘Please leave these windows open overnight to enable the fans to draw in cool air during the early hours of the morning’, at Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. Engaged as a performer in a non spectacle sense to carry out unannounced random actions within Hester's constructed space.


‘Full Colour’, by Shelley Lasica at Chunky Move, Southbank


‘Vianne’, by Shelley Lasica at Forty Five Downstairs, Melbourne


David Rosetzky: ‘Think of Yourself as Plural’. Performed in this film work shown at Sutton Gallery, Fitzroy, choreographed by Lucy Guerin and dramaturgy by Margaret Cameron

‘Play in a Room’, by Shelley Lasica, (incorporating, ‘Set Up & ‘The Idea of It’), Joyce Theatre Soho, New York

‘The View From Here’: by Sandra Parker  performed in New York at the Joyce Theatre Soho for APAM

Performer in ‘Amplification’,by Phillip Adams at Moorila Estate Winery, Tasmania


Pieces from Another Piece’, by Shelley Lasica for the Lucy Guerin Inc., ‘Pieces for Small Spaces’

S’et-up & Situation Live’, by Shelley Lasica. Showings at the Centre Nationale de la Danse, (Paris) & Siobhan Davies Studio, (London)

‘Play in a Room & Plan Protean’, Shelley Lasica a continuing and shifting performance, (2003 - 2007), Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne, the Arts Centre for the Melbourne International Arts Festival, Chunky Move Studio, Dancehouse & Tower Studio, Queens College, Melbourne University.

‘Brindabella’, by Phillip Adams, dancer in the stage 2 development


‘The View From Here’, by Sandra Parker. Developed in Melbourne and at the Sophiensaele, Berlin. Premiered in Melbourne


‘Situation Live 2’, by Shelley Lasica at State Theatre Company of South Australia Rehearsal Rooms

‘The Point Hotel’,  by Sandra Parker at Space 28 Victorian College of the Arts


‘Solos Project Retrospective’, by Shelley Lasica at the National Gallery of Victoria (Australia), at Federation Square

‘Symptomatic’, by Sandra Parker for Melbourne International Festival for the Arts


‘History Situation’, by Shelley Lasica performed at Horti Hall, Melbourne

Development of ‘Symptomatic’ shown for the behind the scenes program of Melbourne International Festival for the Arts


Fiona McDonald: ‘Museum Emotions’. A film work in episodes with choreography by Shelley Lasica, playing the character 'white ellipse' shown at ACMI, Melbourne

‘hospitalsandairports’, by Jo Lloyd for Melbourne Fringe Festival

‘Fraught’, by Sandra Parker at Atheneum Theatre Melbourne and Lisbon.


‘Action Situation’, by Shelley Lasica performed at the Immigration Museum, Melbourne

‘Sample’, by Jo Lloyd at Temple Studios, Prahran


‘Situation Live: The Subject’, by Shelley Lasica at The Performance Space, Sydney


‘Situation Live: The Subject’, by Shelley Lasica performed at La Mama, Carlton & Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, South Yarra


‘Character X’,  by Shelley Lasica  for Next Wave Festival at Fitzroy Town Hall


‘…and yet’, by Russell Dumas. Presented by Dance Exchange & SBS Television at Artspace, Sydney.